Saturday 14 September 2013

I Have My Eyes On You!!

ThreeasFour S/S 2014
Ready or not, London Fashion Week has kicked off!!  
The season calling all fashionistas, buyers, photographers, fashion editors, creatives of all sorts, and spectators.  The curiosity of who has done what and how!  
However, my long-awaited show and designers so far, were at the New York Fashion Week this September. Sitting quietly and attentively on my computer observing, as usual.  As an artist and a designer, I do not just stop on a clean cut clothing.   I naturally find myself drawn into artistic creations. Obviously, I love art incorporated in clothing.  
I have been waiting patiently this season to see my favorite designers ThreeasFour wondering what they would come up with. Although it does not really matter what they come up with, it always wows me anyway!  Their designs and detailing is superb, not to mention the style and best of all, it is wearable!!  
I have picked a few of my favorite pieces, I hope you will agree with me too.


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