Friday 18 February 2011

From Yarns & Textiles to fashion apparel (1)

              Yarns and textiles are the basis for most fashion clothes.

Sheep for wool

 The bride wearing her wedding dress, made from her own sheep, how awesome is that!!

Carding machine. Unlocks and aligns lumps of fibers before being passed on to other processes to produce different yarns, be it wool, felt, etc. 

When you mention silk, it denotes luxury.  I love silk, love the feel of it, and also it is just pleasing to look at as a fabric or a garment. This fabric is used by a lot of top designers.   
Silkworms eating mulberry leaves

Silk comes from moth caterpillars and also produced by different kind of insects. It is said that the best silk comes from a worm called mulberry. 
A worker is processing silk 

Images from my favourite yarn shop in London.

 You are looking at some of the silk yarns, that can be woven into textiles.

 Fabric & Print samples

As a believer in sustainable fashion, I made my own yarns for my new spring/summer 2011 collection, "Jungle Paradise".  I used the traditional Indian technique by twisting these yarn into ropes.

A model wearing a neck accessory I made using  cotton/silk yarn.
Print Samples

Puff binder

Screen Printing on silk shifon 

Waiting for my sample to dry

 Image inspired from the anemone.

Woven Fabric
Woven dress. Mixture of silk, cotton and raffia yarns.

Woven handbag
Model wearing a woven headpiece.


Sunday 13 February 2011

Beauty, Masks, & Mystic

My Funny Valentine

Beautiful to look at, often one wonders, who exactly is the person beneath mask. I thought, I'd also share one of my favourite video clip featuring, Peter White that I love so much.  Peter White is a  smooth jazz musician, and a jazz fusion guitarist.  This track is called,  Midnight In Manhattan.  

It's me!! 

"The carnival has ancient origins, a celebration that greets the passing of winter into spring, a period in which everything is apparently connected, including the illusion of the more humble classes becoming similar to the powerful, since everyone is disguised behind a mask". 

My way of saying to you; Happy Valentine n stay close!!