Friday, 29 October 2010

Interior Architecture & Beautiful Ceilings

Earlier on today, I decided to go out and about mainly to seek for some inspiration on an upcoming collection.  One of the places I visited was the Westfield Shopping Center  in Shepherds Bush in West London.

Naturally, I find myself drawn to interesting interiors in any building, this shopping center  is one example. The moment I enter any amazing building, my interest is towards the ceiling. I find my eyes drawn upwards to the ceiling. Historical buildings are my favorite, majority of them are breathtaking.  You could actually feel and visualize the hard manual work entailed in them, especially in Churches, Town Halls, and Tudors. The attention to detail is indescribably awesome!
Look at the treasure  my little camera and I found in Westfield!  The interior architecture of this 21st century shopping center is just breathtaking.  I practically was there for hours.  I enjoyed food, shopping, and site seeing all in one! 

Going back to the drawing board,  I had all I needed;  Images galore, brain storming, endless sketching, and came up with this sample along the way.

A three in one; Nature, art and beauty