Wednesday 24 November 2010

The Eye of a Parrot Textile

Previously, I commented on designer Doro Olouwu's print, which I though it was similar to mine. I hope you can see the resemblance.

Fabric: Silk Jersey
Model: Jestina George
Photographer: Sonia Marabet Sanches

The Motif: by Mbezi Valentine
Media: Oil pastel

You are looking at a section of a parrots eye.
I must also, give credit to my son, a graphics student, who took his precious time to design this exotic motif for me.

The initial inspiration for this collection., is from the Japanese rope bondage. The print is only one section of the collection, more is on its way. I will for the moment, talk about the print and leave the rest for later as I am still trying to gather this whole project together. Upon building up this collection, I looked at various things and one of them was images on the traditional Japanese silk printing, where a parrot caught my eye and sailed on from there.

I love creating my own prints, by doing this; I believe it provides individuality in ones collection. I also find it necessary to complete my creations by designing accessories, which you will see very soon.

Fabric, digital printed, steamed and left to dry.

This is the fabric, digital printed, steamed and left to dry.

Fabric: Satin silk viscose - Decisions! Decisions!