Sunday 30 December 2012

Entering 2013!!!


I would not step into another year without shouting out a huge thank you to my God for his presence in my life.  I thank him for his grace, love, goodness, mercies, favors, and many many blessings.
A huge thank you to all my faithful followers and those of you who stop by,  you all mean a lot to me.  Thank you!

Inspiring words by Jason Upton ( Start to spread out your wings and fly)........ love this totally!!

By his Grace, see you all next year!!

Friday 14 December 2012

AFG 1st Birthday Celebration

Nairobi Launch Review

Seems like only yesterday when I sat down with Jacqueline Shaw in a little cafe down Goodge Street in London, exchanging views and discussing our passion (textiles) and our goals and other interests in the fashion industry in general.  A few months later, Anna Luks was one of the first African diaspora clothing designer labels being featured on the AFG in early 2011.  Anna Luks was launching its 1st summer collection after graduating in 2010.  

Here we are one year later, Africa Fashion Guide has become one of the most informative bodies in the Fashion Industry globally.  AFG has penetrated the innermost parts of Africa and highlights information that we might never have known existed.   
"Cotton made in Africa is an initiative of the Aid by Trade Foundation that helps people help themselves through trade"  Farmers in Zimbabwe   

AFG's aims (mentioning a few)  in provide a platform as well as promote African Fashion and Textile industry globally.  They also feature African designers wherever they are including, craftsmanship, manufactures, retailers, and textile designers worldwide.  In addition to this AFG greatly supports the economic development in Africa, i.e., the use of ethical and sustainable textiles by encouraging trade relationships over just Aid and World Fair Trade Organisations principles (WFTO). To sum it all up AFG is all about aesthetics and ethics in fashion today.

Cotton in Tanzania - African Cotton Campaign

Happy 1st  Birthday AFG

AFG is celebrated its 1st birthday on 9th September this year in style.  What other way of celebrating, none other than in very grounds of its motherland itself, Nairobi the capital city of Kenya in East Africa.  AFG hosted this celebration 2 months ago in October 2012 with a seminar that consisted of a three-panel discussion with the international industry leaders.

Jacqueline Shaw founder of AFG at the seminar in Nairobi

All images, courtesy of AFG
read more about the event here;

Friday 7 December 2012

Anna Luks Accessory

Anna Luks accessories are featured in the New African Woman December issue on beauty and makeup shoots.

Model Nana spiced up a beauty and makeup shoot, wearing Anna Luks headwear and neck accessories.

Thursday 6 December 2012

Amazing Haute Looks

I love the fact that I am not limited with time.  I have stumbled into this amazing shoot that has wowed me.  The styling is amazing to start with, the frocks, location not to mention the model. C'est chic! 

Spring/Summer 2004 Shoot

Christian Dior embroidered jacket, corset, tulle skirt

Gaultier  embroidered satin chinoiserie gown with silk sash

Atelier Versace - silk taffeta

Christian Lacroix Couture dress with antique silver embroidered bustier and layered taffeta and organza skirt

Emanuel Ungaro embroidered silk dress and rose applique tulle cape

Valentino silk dress with embroidered bustier

Chanel silk dress, tulle bolero jacket


Saturday 29 September 2012

Classic Cars @ Your Service!

As I mentioned before that I am a vintage lover, anything that has history and character from a teaspoon to a building.  This post is about Vintage Cars.   A vintage car could be of a particular make, year, style, size, or colour.  I understand that not everyone appreciates vintage, fair enough, it is perfectly normal and exciting to have different preferences as I keep on stressing that the world would have been such a boring place if we all had the same interest and tastes.

The word classic defines anything that is old.   A sort of description and appreciation to anything old that was of high quality and still has the same wow impact to date, in other words, it can also be referred to as timeless.   In this case, a car over 20 years does not require road tax anymore.  
"Purchasing and storing classic cars fulfill the passion of antique cars lovers". read more ....... 

I came across an interesting link.  A restaurant with a difference, a completely new and exciting use of classic cars. Crazy cool!!!!
"Eating in a car is not everyone's idea of an enjoyable meal, but at the P.S. Bu Bu Restaurant, in Taiwan, it's a must.  This automotive-themed venue features all kinds of auto accessories and even full cars as dining tables."

I am not sure whether I like the idea or not, but it is interesting.  It is after all the thought that counts at the end of the day.

Sunday 23 September 2012

My Favourite LFW Show

The Spectacular Antoni & Alison Show

As LFW is behind us now, I would like to share with you one of my favorite shows that have inspired me a great deal.
It is the show of designers Antoni Burakwski and Alishon Roberts, otherwise, known as Antoni & Alison.  
The show gracefully opened the doors on day 1 of  LFW with a literal bang of a live brass band.  It was indeed their special day, not only being the first show but also celebrating their silver anniversary.   A vibrant story of playful eye-catching prints, effortlessly chic, and simply 'zip-up-and-go' style.  After following up on the week's show, I had come to the conclusion that Antoni & Alison were definitely my favorite by far on LFW 2012.
Personally, it ticked Anna Luks style of prints, fun, and colour.  A&A's collection was a marriage of style and artwork which I like and every piece told a different story yet very harmonious. Love it!

I like this;  A quote from The Independent   "This time has been like an incredible apprenticeship," they state.  "We have love being 'Antoni & Alison'; we have loved being an independent label.  We design from scratch each season, experimenting with the need to find and have 'good ideas', and sometimes using our 'bad ideas."


Friday 7 September 2012

Textiles, Art & Design

A subject close to my heart.  I love fabrics, not just any fabric, but fabrics that will allow me to experiment with colour and textures.  The kind of fabrics that will allow me to bring the best out of them, what an excitement!!!   I'm talking about printing, dyeing, weaving, manipulating, crotchet, knits, embellishment, and other surface design techniques; that is the excitement!!!  

Anna Luks Clothing 

Photo: Rob Sheppard
Models : In silk romper and chunky neck piece 

 Silk dress woven bodice.

Woven silk dress with graphite headpiece 
Photo:  Pavlito Vel Pablo

 Splashes of vibrant colours in beautifully designed fabrics bring uniqueness to a garment.  Nothing gives me pleasure than creating fabrics for my garments. A creation that starts with a spark of thought then builds that thought and eventually brings it to life, is so exciting. I love experimenting with different fabrics, yarns, colours, and techniques.   
Below are just a few images of the many great fashion and textile designers who inspire me.

Comme Des Garcons

Mary Katrantzou

Marc Jacobs chunky knit

Dolce & Gabana Eclectic Print

Shibori Techniques

Walter Van Beirendonck Woven Jacket & Prints
Walter Van Beirendonck Woven Jacket & Prints

Anslem Reyle Art Work
Anslem Reyle for Dior

Prada's Classic  Geometric Print 2012

The Etro Woman


Vintage Jerry Silverman Print (1960)

Vintage Pucci Print

Pucci for Vogue 1965

Vintage Louis Feraud Mexican Prints

1920's Flapper Style dress

Art Deco dresses made of a unique textured steel blue gray color sheer silk chiffon, voided cut velvet fabric.
I call flapper style dresses, effortless chic!  One can never go wrong with this style these dresses, you can wear them any day any time, in fashion or out, you are guaranteed to look sleek!