Saturday 16 June 2012

After The Royal Storm.............

I deliberately waited for all the excitement of the Queens Diamond Jubilee to subside.   It was one of the greatest and historical moment at Saint Paul's Cathedral watched on television, world wide.

St Paul's Cathedral is one of the United Kingdom's most historic and iconic buildings and indeed the biggest Anglican Cathedral in the UK.  I must say, it is one of the most breathtaking buildings I have seen.  The architecture is amazing, you have to be there for yourself to appreciate it.

Tens of thousands of well-wishers took to the streets of London to witness the event.  It started on Saturday, with the Thames Diamond Jubilee pageant, where the Queen and the rest of the royal family watched that was said to be over a thousand boats that paraded before the royal family that day.  I also shared the excitement of the day in my own living room.  I watched the new generation of the royal family still in their youthful self, embracing a whole new era of the monarchy.    It was something, for some reason it never occurred to me until that day.  ....... funny!  

 Upon writing this post, I drew some key issues that were mentioned on the thanksgiving service.  According to my observations, there were two sides to the event. The human side of the Queen's splendour of the monarchy, all the hard work and preparation that took place on the Queen's big day.  ............ and then there was the spiritual side of it, " The Thanksgiving".
The service was great!  It was grand and colourful, majestic is the word.  The biggest and important memory that I will always cherish, is the Thanksgiving service.  I was quite moved by the Queen giving thanks to her creator who has blessed, protected, favoured and made everything possible for her to see and celebrated this day.  To me, this was the pinnacle of the whole three day event that took part in Great Britain.  It moved me!!!! 

Apart from the wonderful hymns, the readings from the bible and the message from Archbishop Dr Rowan Williams were so relevant towards the times that we are living now.  It was refreshing and caused one to think of their own lives be it personal or at the market place without a doubt, it was a 'check' on each and every one of us .   In a nutshell, I would say the message was about, Love, Respect, and Honoring one another!

What was so memorable to me was the sermon and the readings, especially the reading from the book of Proverbs 8.  The book of wisdom, Gods wisdom!  I can confidently say that it is the foundation of not only good but prosperity and healthier living, again, be it on one personal life and equally important when running government. 

 I have selected a few lines from this book from verses 10 - 17, but it goes up to verse 36 it is awesome!
"Wisdom says; choose my instruction instead of silver, knowledge rather than choice gold, for wisdom is more precious than rubies and nothing you desire can compare with her.  I, wisdom, dwell together with prudence; I possess knowledge and discretion.  The fear of God is to hate evil; I hate pride and arrogance, evil behaviour and perverse speech.  Council and sound judgement are mines:  I have insight, I have power.  By me kings reign and rulers issue decrees that are just; by me princes govern, and nobles-all who rule on earth.  I love those who love me and those who seek me, find me".
In conclusion of my highlight of the Queen's thanksgiving service, it was the indisputable point that was mentioned by the Archbishop that I think it was just precise, "The financial greed of our leaders"............. ouuuch!!!!!  I believe this message was for all the world leaders, I hope they all heard it wherever they were.....!   But hey, the dust has settled, we are back to normal, business as usual does anyone care??? .... corruption, the order of the day!

Be blessed!



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