Friday 1 June 2012

Memorable & Wearables Pick N Mix Of All Times

It has been known historically that designers always go out of their way to find methods or that niche that creates that particular unique look. The look that best describes them as designers and what they are all about.  It is called "a fashion statement."  Throughout the decades, fashion has also demonstrated to be an influential force in the establishment and expression of both cultural, political and personal Identity.

Bi Kidude the queen of Taarab music from the island of Zanzibar in Tanzania in a stylish native Khanga wears.

Throughout history, fashion designers depend on icons such as movie stars, public figures, or newspapers and magazines in order to gain recognition.  The trend is the same today too. Media plays a vital part in doing just that in the fashion industry. It is the heart and soul of the postmodern lifestyle, that keeps it alive globally.  

I have chosen a few of my favourite pieces of classic frocks, worn by first ladies, actresses, singers, models and other celebrities, made by different designers.  What I like about these clothes is the fact that they are timeless.  The kind of clothes that can stay in your closet for as long as you want them to and not have to worry about time.   Just hoping that they will be able to fit you again the next time around!!!


Actress Ava Gardner 1940's

Marilyn Monroe 1955

Miriam Makeba  a Grammy award singer and civil right activist from South Africa 1960

Tanzanians first lady Mama Maria Nyerere 1961 looking so elegant in her floral print dress with her guest.

Audrey Hepburn 1961. 

 Audrey Hepburn the Hollywood actress who was known for her beauty, elegance and grace.

The Mondrian Dress 1965 by  Yves Saint Laurent, is not just a dress but a piece of art and history created  and inspired by Dutch artist Piet Mondrian

Abstract painting by Piet Cornelis Mondrian in 1920

The iconic wrap dress by Diane von Fusternberg.  I love this pattern, I think every lady out there should have one!   One can definitely not go wrong with this, I promise you that.

Grace Jones featured in Vogue Italia 1980,s.   

Princess Di in the lil black dress 1994
 She looked amazing in anything.   Not everyone can wear this dress I must say, one needs to have that something.... otherwise, it could go very wrong.

First ladies Shekha wife of Sheikh Hamad Bin Khalifa al Thani and France's Carla Bruni-Sarkozy, love the two colours together very striking. 

My favorite style icon and  muse Shekha Mozah of Quatar.

Daphnee Guinness in Alexandra McQueen 2009
As I pointed out earlier, there are some dresses that are not for everyone and this is one of them.  I guess I am attracted by the whole look.  Love the fabric, the colour, the style and it suits the wearer.  The shoes are left for your discretion, but she looks absolutely dazzling! ....... and this is 3 years ago!  Just to tell you that one can never go wrong with style!

First lady Michelle Obama wearing one of my favourites in her 2 piece inauguration dress 2009.  Classy look, definitely an all timer!

Jordan Dunn in Marchesa frock fall 2012.  Pretty, classy and exclusive.  A one-off, for your wardrobe.

"The relationship between fashion and politics is not just a vintage affair, our current age has a huge number of fashionable women in politics to choose from.  "(Atelier-Mayer vol.2)


Friday 18 May 2012

Ballet Pumps Are so In!

After reading this article "Pumps are so over" from a yahoo blogger, it made me want to share my opinions.    We all have different views on how we perceive things. The writer talks about these shoes being out of fashion.  I asked myself, is it about fashion?  Fair enough, we all know that fashion/trends come and go.  Personally, I thought the article is a bit on the extreme if you ask me.
  please read more about it here.......
I am no fashionista, nevertheless,  I do believe we are all unique beings and have different tastes, opinions, and preferences, isn't that what makes the world beautiful and interesting?

Most of us might believe that when we wear heels it is an instant glamour.  Wearing heels also gives the wearer confidence of looking elegant.

 What I am trying to say is, it completes the kind of look intended.  I am not going to go much into talking about heels.  We all know exactly how they make us feel when we wear them right? (healthy or not).   On the other hand, with ballet pumps, you can never go wrong whatever the occasion is.  It all depends on the style of the shoe and how you put the look together.  Ballet pumps can give you that touch of femininity as well as effortless glamour.  Bring them on any day, any time, after all, I am the wearer.  I know what's good or what is not for me, without being told when, where, or what to wear.

Harpers Bazaar - Haute Couture 2011

Christian Dior red pumps

Christian Louboutin studded zipper ballet flats

Just keep it U! :)