Saturday 14 January 2012

Alexandre Herchcoitch's PF 2012 Collection

Bursting Out In Style

Alexandre Herchcovitch bursting out in style with a utilitarian fabric for the fall season, cool by me!
A dynamic designer based in Brazil.  I am completely smitten by his designs all the time.  
Alexandre's styles are quite unique ravishing and innovative.  
Apart from his signature "The Skull" (creepy) which made his fame in the 90's, he is also known for his eclectic prints (that I love so much) and his avant-garde designs.

s/s 2010

My favourite PreFall Pieces

If I was asked to describe this collection in one word.... I would definitely go for Quirky!
  The denim makes the collection urban and cool.  I love the roughness and the exaggerated silhouette and of course, the pockets!
Simple, clean, and nice! 

View the collection here:

Saturday 31 December 2011

Finger Tutting Video Graphics!!

2011 super cool Samsung advert! 

Having a 19 year old in the house, certainly opens my eyes into the 'NOW' world, if you catch my drift,.... and this is one of them.  
The technique in this video is called Finger Tutting.  Tutting is popular amongst younger dance groups mostly poppers and is growing in popularity.  My son is also good at tutting.  All in all I just love this video he introduced to me and here it is from me to you.  Enjoy!