Thursday 11 November 2010

Out of Eden Collection

I am mostly inspired by architecture. Out of Eden is another one of my collection that was inspired by Eden project, the world's largest greenhouse in Cornwall, United kingdom.
I called this collection Out of Eden, because of the initial design inspiration, but I also looked at different architectures for references.

The birds eye view of Eden project.

Introducing to you selected pieces of my work just to give you an idea of the work that goes behind the collection before it goes out to the public. My best moment in designing, is research. I thoroughly enjoy the build up of the collection through research and gives me satisfaction to see what I finally come up with as a complete collection.

A sample inspired by the view

 Sample on a mannequin to give you an idea of technical possibilities

This is another sample made of quilting, ideal for autumn/winter wear.


.....and with leather.

Cruising in style vs Bling!

Vintage skirt at the V&A museum. Love the print.
There is so much design inspirations in everything around you. I linked this print with this vintage car design below.

Classic Cars

While others were busy taking photos of the bride, I was admiring this classic babe!

Wouldn't mind having this by my driveway. It is just super cool, love it so much.

Myself (center) with big sis and brother, ready for cruising in our Peugeot 304 estate.

Ideal, just fabulous

Don't you just love them!

Bling Talk!

At the exhibition wearing swarovski earrings. These were my birthday present by the way, sorry you can not see them properly here.

A studded Mercedes Benz SL600 by swarovski crystals.
Personally, I though this was crazy, until I heard about Kanye West removing his bottom row of teeth, and replaced them with gold and diamonds. "Gross".