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Saturday, 20 April 2013

International Fashion Showcase 2013

British Fashion Council 

This year, my country Tanzania was invited by the British Fashion Council to take part in its 2nd year running event i.e. International Fashion Showcase.  

London Fashion Week in February 2013

The British Council and the British Fashion Council jointly put this occasion together, that went alongside the London Fashion Week in February 2013.

Tanzania was proud to present four designers.  Jacquline Kibacha (Heart 365), Christine Mhando (Chichia), myself (Anna Luks) and Mtani Nyamakababi (Kali Elegance).  Unfortunately Kali Elegance who is speacialised in bespoke menswear, was not able to participate in the exhibition due to some unforeseen reasons.

Monday, 1 April 2013

Eclectic Fusion!

I came across this wonderful video clip of fabrics.  It captured my passion of prints. The clashing prints, colours, and style. If that wasn't enough, adorned by a beautiful tune to go with it.

  I just had to share it! Watching this clip, was like opening a box full of unexpected goodies. Just nice.

I hope you will enjoy it, as much as I have.

Saturday, 16 March 2013

Swag Your Head!

It seems like I have been away forever!  
It surely feels good to come back to my little diary.  

The last couple of months have been hectic, with new projects, deadlines, new season collection and all that jazz. Still gathering the bits and pieces together and will share it all soon. In the mean time its hats alert!

I love hats! Or any kind of funky head wear actually. It's one of my favourite accessories. If I wear something on my head, it has to be with a touch of swag, otherwise there is no point. 

Let's call that touch of swag, 'hat swag'. Hat swag has been around for centuries.  It can be tracked back as far as 17th century, so nothing new there.  Ultimately, it comes down to where you are as to how you pull a funky head!  Africa and parts of Asia have the head wraps/turbans, beaded, or metal pieces (coin like or triangular shapes)head wear. Chic!
There are many different reasons why people wear hats. Nevertheless, in my opinion, wearing a hat today completes an intended look and definitely sets you apart in a crowd!  I believe any style driven person has at least some kind of a head wear-no doubt about that. It comes naturally to anyone who has the swag!!

People wear hats for many reasons. It could be part of uniform, status symbol, religious, sports and protective headgear or even due to culture. 

It is most definitely fashion statement. Hats can also be a blessing.  There are days when all of us need a head covering of some sort. I call them 'ooops days'. They are more commonly known as bad hair days, rush hour days, basically the days when nothing seems to go the way you want. These are the days that one will definitely need to look for 'that hat'. Saved!  

Hats are there to give you that confidence when things are not that great.

I have put together hats that are wearable and some just statement or fun wear. I enjoy a bit of humour when it comes to dress. 

There is nothing wrong in wearing something that catches one's sense of humour, something with a bit of flamboyance. At the end of the day your look should really be about just you and your being free, enjoying what you have put together for the day or occasion. Here's one of my great style inspiration, the late Anna Piaggi and Liliy Dache, (the famous milliner of all times) followed by my hat illustration.

Lilly Dache

My love for hats is growing stronger lately, so watch this space! My Illustrations below have been inspired by this image. This looks like a straw hat to me from a Harper's Bazaar dated December 1933.  A good example, it shows that style does not wear off, still very wearable now and ready to go, bring on the sun. Love it!


Anna Luks Illustration
The China Hat
A collage of a China hat worn by a chic lady in Anna Luks print summer dress.

Lamp Shade Hat

 "Hats have become a symbol of elegance, true passion for fashion and vintage femininity that the modern fashionista enjoys"

Wednesday, 21 March 2012

From Sisal to Fashion Apparel

Okay folks!  When you hear about sisal, naturally what comes to mind is agriculture, a commercial crop.  Perhaps your mind will wonder around industrial ropes, low cost, hardware .....well, anything BUT 'glamour'!

I was born and raised in the beautiful city of Dar-es-Salaam in Tanzania,  East of Africa.
As a little girl, I remember looking forward to holidays because it was travel time!  My parents took us  on a vacation to Korogwe and Mheza, in Tanga region, my parents birthplace, to visit our relatives.
 Tanga is located on the coastal strip of the Indian Ocean on the north east of Tanzania.  It is beautiful!.

I remember starting the journey to Tanga from Dar in the family station waggon, at 6am and reached Korogwe, a small town in Tanga by lunch time.  The trip was such fun!
When approaching Korogwe, I was always fascinated to see huge plantations of sisal beautifully cultivated in endless rows. Dad always told us about the history of this cash crop and  use of sisal.

The plantation

Sisal cut and ready to go for processing

 In preparation for further process in the machine called  decorticatior.

Processed sisal hand to dry for exportation.
Visit this site for details.

   Little did I know that one day I would actually create something out of it.  If my Father was still alive today, I know he would have been amazed to see how sisal can actually be so versatile and produce something that is glamorous and wearable.

The Beauty

My fascination with natural fibers, and my love of creating, I dared myself to created something from this fibre.  I enjoy working with ropes, different yarns and strings, so  I went to a hardware shop one day and deliberately searching for sisal rope.  I bought lots of it and decided to dye it in various colours.  Green off course to depict the original colour of the plant, as well as other variety of colours. I got creative and.........this is what I came up with.
Photographed by: Anna Prays

A lil je ne sais quoi !!!

The necless perhaps!

mmmh.... :)  Cape?

Simply Vogue It!!!


Saturday, 10 March 2012

Anna Luks Private Viewing

Ready to Wear s/s 2012

My 1st s/s ready to wear collection 'Street Luks' was launched on Saturday March 3rd.
Fabrics used are Cotton, Linen, and Silk Jersey.  The bold leafy print depicts the mood of season.  The silhouette is simple with high and suave neck line giving  it a cool and classy look.
The complete collection will be available on Look Book soon.

Photos:   Pavilto vel Pablo & Anna Prays
Designer/Stylist:  Anna Lukindo
Mua:  Kunty Zulpha Ummuhabiba
Models: Jestina George, Charlotte Fletcher, Gail de Lara, Estera Garcaite & Eden Solomon

After The Show Images

Anna Luks Couture Display

Some of the Guests

Trying out Anna Luks Accessories!



....... and one of the jewellery pieces

Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Anna Luks 2000 Ilustrations

So I Scribbled!

Today was one of those day's that I could not get a solution on a particular cut (design).  I was trying to experiment something for almost a whole day.  It is quite unusual of me, I usually go with the flow.  On this particular design, I needed to achieve that 'something'.   
I decided to take a chill pill away from the cutting table, ...... and so I started to scribble!
I needed to relive myself from stress, and this is what I came up with.

I love the electric colours of the fabric on this illustration.
I am delighted! 
Back on the cutting table tomorrow.  IT HAS TO WORK!

Wednesday, 28 December 2011

Behind The Scenes Photo shoot with Contrasts Art Show

A Sneak Preview
Location: Thames Tunnel Mills in Rotherhithe

A building with a lot of history, built by Marc Isambard Brunel father of the famous engineer Isambard Kingdom Brunel.  I had a privilege to read and visit a few of Kingdom's work and on my foundation course at college years  ago.
The main feature for me was the hallway that had huge red metal columns and wooden beams dividing the floors. 
 Looking up from the hallway,  your eye travels through fantastic view of floors all the way to the glazed roof.   The feeling is great, a good sky view while indoors is fantastic.  

Enough said, enjoy the images.

Banks of River Thames view from the changing room

Roof Garden - Photo: Erwin Michalec

View to the Garden

Hallway / Glazed Roof

A shot from 2nd Floor

 Ground Floor Hallway - Photo: Erwin Michalec

 Pavilto vel Pablo (Photographer), Anna & Erwin Michalec (Contrast Art Show)

Anna Prajs (Photograpy) & Model Jestina George

Location Organiser: Erwin Michalec (Contrasts Art Show)
Designer/Stylist: Anna Lukindo
MUA: Angela Forbes
Models:  Jestina George,  Susan Denis, Andrea Obasnikova
Photography: Pavilto vel Pablo, Anna Prays