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Wednesday, 4 June 2014

Summer Breezing with.....

 Dolce and Gabbana illustrations

Over the past few days, I had some of you readers asking me whether I have gone full time into blogging.  I was quite touched I must say.  The answer to that is, I wish!!
As much as  I like the idea of writing, I cannot keep up with it because of the nature of my work.  Nevertheless, I do get to it whenever I can.  I thank and appreciate each one of you; and all of you who pass by.  Thank you so much.
Lately I encountered a work situation that had caused a pause on what I do. "Fortunately" I used the opportunity and squeezed in time to look up for some inspirational writings to share with you.

The past week was quite a somber week for me personally.  Today, I thought I'd create a cheerful atmosphere, to put me in the right creative mood again.  I am working on my own illustrations at the moment, and thought it is a good opportunity to share some of the things I am looking at.

Well, summer is here!!! I chose a few of my favorite illustrations from one of my favorite designers, Dolce and Gabbana.
What I love about these illustrations, is the attitude.  Charming, full of fun, sleek, and definitely so refreshing.  Makes some of us start planning for the summer holidays ahead!!  

Monday, 1 April 2013

Eclectic Fusion!

I came across this wonderful video clip of fabrics.  It captured my passion of prints. The clashing prints, colours, and style. If that wasn't enough, adorned by a beautiful tune to go with it.

  I just had to share it! Watching this clip, was like opening a box full of unexpected goodies. Just nice.

I hope you will enjoy it, as much as I have.

Wednesday, 31 August 2011

Men at Yohji's

Yohji Yamamoto's Spring 2012 Groove!

When it comes to Japanese designers Yohji Yamaoto, Kenzo and Rei Kawakubo (comme des Garcons) are my biggest inspiration.
I like the fact that most of their designs have a sense of fun and a 'so what' kind of feeling!

I could just imagine them enjoying around creating amazing master pieces.  In my experience in designing, I do not take things serious and just enjoy creating and learning through my mistakes.  In designing depending on a situation mistakes can be a whole new venue to look into.

These designer are known for their avant-garde designs.  Their draping in varying textures and use of prints and techniques, and the way they incorporate their traditional wear into the now and beyond, is truly amazing.  This is what sets them apart and they do not bother with trends.  I love that! 

Yohji had his exquisite exhibition at the V&A this year, which I found myself visiting this exhibition twice.  A thing that I had never done before.  I was totally blown away not only by the luxuriousness in the fabrics and colours that he used for his collections, but with the cuts and techniques that he applied on his designs, a true genius!

The man himself.  Described as a man of very few words!

I was mostly intrigued by his new men's collection.  I denote a touch of Japanese tradition is the trade mark, yet stylish, unique, masculine ...... I perceive it to be simply cool.
Here are few of my favourites that I have chosen to share with you..... Enjoy!

So cool!!!


Friday, 5 August 2011


Its a Hair Thang!

What is there not to like about this photo!  Its a master piece, a piece of art that I would display somewhere in my house. It is simply dynamic.  Al Green, one of my childhood idols!
When I saw this photo, it inspired me so much that I thought I would do some research on African hair (Afro Hair). 

The term Afro hair, automatically refers to black kinky hair.  It can be bushy, spring like, spongy or woolly if you like, when you feel it.   I'm talking about virgin African hair that hasn't been processed.

I remember starting to hear the term Afro in very early 70, I didn't give a hoot about it, I just new it was some kind of hairstyle that only stylish people wore.  Then later on, I came to understand it originated from America.  We had lots of African American family friends in my country (Tanzania) and yes, the younger ones all had   'The Afro hair do' (as they called it).  This trend was then picked up by the younger generation of that era and it was considered to be cool to have an Afro hair do at that time. 

 Thinking back, as I once wrote about my native fabric, The Khanga being a media of communication, African hair was also a mode of communication.    Just by looking at a particular hair style and how it was groomed, it determined the identity, gender, age, even ethnicity.  You would see all sorts of creativity in terms of cuts, shaves, braids, colour, and styles.   For instance, in some tribes there will be a significant hair style on a young girl who just had their first period and is a virgin, or a bride to be.  Likewise on a man you would be able to determine if that person is a chief, a warrior, or if the family is in mourning.  Hair styles can also establish what region or country the person is from.

For women, grooming each others hair brought unity and built a loving society amongst families.  Braiding each others hair was like a social event and a way of getting to know each other.  Women proved their artistic skills in creating different kinds of styles and this tradition was passed on for generations. 
Swahili women wearing Khanga braiding away

 In East Africa, coconut oil was very popular for hair and scalp and was  mostly used by coastal natives.  It was believed that coconut oil made hair manageable and healthy and also good for scalp. I personally couldn't stand the smell of it but I saw loads of lovely and healthy hair especially those who were using this particular oil.  I know in West Africa Shea Butter is also very popular up to now.
  I could go on about hair, but will stop here for today.  Enjoy the images I have put together for you.

Having a comb stuck on your Fro (Afro) was once an 'in thing', it was considered cool for some, although I thought it just looked ridiculous, just like wearing pants half way on ones bottoms.

(Say It Loud!)
James Brown and Michael Jackson looking good with their Fros

Mhh ..... stunning Masai warrior getting his hair twisted.  Hair twisting takes as long as 2 to 6 hrs depending on the size of the twist and the hair style. On this image this cool dude is getting his hair twisted with clay and red ocher, a type of soil found in volcanic regions. It has been said that this is where the journey of dreadlocks started!

Pretty African girl, totally unaware how stylish and amazing she looks!

Amazing African hair do's! I wonder if this is where the Punks got their inspirations from!

This elegant hair style has been twisted using  black thread. I believe the use of the thread twisting style originates from Central Africa.   It was very much in fashion during the 70's/80's.
I am definitely going back to this very soon, I think it is just super.

Another stylish Swahili woman, half corn row, half combed and brushed kinky hair (evidence of coconut oils).  Exquisite!

I think I will be right to say the commercialisation of Afro hair started in the 21st Century, new hair products, different hair styles, hair accessories, were soon in the market.  The black hair Industry is without a doubt a multimillion industry world wide.  African women around the world were bombarded by TV adverts and magazines enticing them to buy hair care products.  The native Masai people are in the city providing the best salon in twisting hair in East Africa, and the business now is expanding worldwide.
  Gone were the days of braiding each others hair with laughter without paying a penny.  

Question; What will happen if majority of us decide to go natural, is it a wishful thinking? Will we ever decide to that? It will be dooms day for the hair industry I reckon.

I am welcoming any additional (positive) comments regarding African hair!  I would like to read your point of views.  


Wednesday, 15 June 2011

Walk This Way....

Would you wear this?  
Certainly not for me!  However, I love the idea of the designs though, cool and funky to look at designed to literally keep the wearer on their toes.  It just shows you  how designers go out of their way to bring new and exciting ideas, knowing very well that they will be a market out there.  Nonetheless, at the end of the day, what would you tell the orthopaedic?


Would have been nice to see the wearer standing on them!

Mc Queen shoes, nutty but nice.  Feel sorry for the models, I would like to imagine that they are light, certainly not comfortable.

Whoops........yes I would! Really like these, they look practical to me, scary!

Marc Jacobs reverse shoes. mhh!

Marc Jacobs, convincing? ....... I'll let you decide.

Well that's what we call innovation, are they practical?  Good question, certainly not!
 Fashion statement?  No doubt! 


Saturday, 30 April 2011

My Royal Wedding Favourite Best Dress

I have to start with Kate (The Dutches of Cambridge).  I did not know what to expect.  However, I was pleasantly surprised to see her stepping out with this classic 50's look.  I thought it looked familiar, and later on confirmed that it was indeed inspired by one of my favourite actress's wedding dress, Grace Kelly. 

Grace Kelly's Wedding dress 1956

Kate looked absolutely stunning the dress was outstandingly chic. I loved the Vail, drop dead simple, the look totally matched her personality, and fitted perfectly on her body.  Good Choice Kate, well done!

Watching guest making their way into Westminster Abbey, I thought everyone was looking stunning up until Tara Palmer-Tomkinson appeared. I immediately concluded and satisfied that she looked amazingly stunning and her look was exceedingly outstanding!

Monday, 25 April 2011

Iris Apfel Inspirations

The Rare Bird!

This Easter break has yet given me time to rummage through my news paper cuttings. I have a habit of collecting articles that interest me for my references and I am glad I have a reason to use them on my blog.

Anyone who is into style will love Iris Apfel is an American businesswoman, former interior designer, and fashion icon and she is 89 years old. Iris and her husband Carl Apfel owned a textile company called Old World Weavers in the 50's.

Iris has influenced the fashion industry with her spirited irreverence and of course her implacable taste. Iris also made it clear that she is no fashionista but into style.  Love that!

Travelling around the world, Iris fell in love with the beauty of non-Western dresses and its artisanal forms.
"She was a free spirit.  She wore Balenciaga, but she also wore Austrian peasant clothes.  She went to New Mexico and wore native dress and she bought them directly from the chiefs."  

I thought this was funny; according to this magazine (telegraph) cutting, she talks about the Hollywood actresses "are being styled by people who should go into rehab".

I would describe style as having a creative freedom of dressing up or down without having to worry about what will the next trend or latest fashion. To top it up, it can also be dressing with a pinch of extravagant, elegance and personality. Here is what I am talking about.

"Iris Apfel's idiosyncratic, exotic style has for decades been an inspiration to those who dare to look different. Now, at 85, her unique collection of clothes has been brought together in a remarkable book.  By Heather Hodson."

Iris and Carl

I relate so much with her style and what she is all about, well....... apart from bank account that is! What really got me is, like me, loves bargain hunts and says that something beautiful does not have to be expensive and that it is more about taste than cost. How true is that!

Friday, 11 March 2011

Botanically Haute!

Nature, Art & Haute Couture!

The botanical garden that grew on a Paris runway splashed with exotic colours and artistic creation of flowers made into frocks out of sumptuous fabrics such as, silk taffeta's, satin, chiffon, tulle etc....

 I  have gathered Dior's 2010 collection that I really like, combined them with images taken last summer (which I think), create a good story line.   One would ask why 2010 while it is a new season, well, time has no effect on me, as I am more about style and design.

Florist at the Westfield Mall London

 Dior Fall 2010

Dior 2010

Kenwood Estate, Hampstead, London

Dior 2008

Kenwood House Estate

I like how John Galiano,  (former designer of Dior) embraced the idea of Dior's first collection (Carolle Line) that was later on known as the New Look in 1947.  What stood out about the "New Look" was the enormity of scale and proportion of frocks.  Christian Dior used expensive fabrics lavishly to create a pyramid like silhouette, others described it as an hourglass look.

Kenwood House Estate

Dior Fall 2010

Kenwood House Estate

Dior Fall 2010

Christian Dior New Look 

Kenwood House Estate

Dior Fall 2010