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Saturday, 29 September 2012

Classic Cars @ Your Service!

As I mentioned before that I am a vintage lover, anything that has history and character from a teaspoon to a building.  This post its about Vintage Cars.   A vintage car could be of a particular make, year, style, size or colour.  I understand that not everyone appreciate vintage, fair enough, its perfectly normal and exciting to have different preferences as I keep on stressing that the world would have been such a boring place if we all had the same interest and tastes.

The word classic defines anything that is old.   A sort of description and appreciation to anything old that was of a high quality and still has the same wow impact to date, in other words it can also be referred as timeless.   In this case a car over 20 years that does not require road tax anymore.  
"Purchasing and storing classic cars fulfill the passion of antique cars lovers". read more ....... 

I came across an interesting link.  A restaurant with a difference, a complete new and exciting use of classic  cars. Crazy cool!!!!
"Eating in a car is not everyone's idea of an enjoyable meal, but at the P.S. Bu Bu Restaurant, in Taiwan, its's a must.  This automotive-themed venue features all kinds of auto accessories and even full cars as dinning tables."

I am not sure whether I like the idea or not, but it is interesting .  It is a after all the thought that counts at the end of the day.

Wednesday, 31 August 2011

Men at Yohji's

Yohji Yamamoto's Spring 2012 Groove!

When it comes to Japanese designers Yohji Yamaoto, Kenzo and Rei Kawakubo (comme des Garcons) are my biggest inspiration.
I like the fact that most of their designs have a sense of fun and a 'so what' kind of feeling!

I could just imagine them enjoying around creating amazing master pieces.  In my experience in designing, I do not take things serious and just enjoy creating and learning through my mistakes.  In designing depending on a situation mistakes can be a whole new venue to look into.

These designer are known for their avant-garde designs.  Their draping in varying textures and use of prints and techniques, and the way they incorporate their traditional wear into the now and beyond, is truly amazing.  This is what sets them apart and they do not bother with trends.  I love that! 

Yohji had his exquisite exhibition at the V&A this year, which I found myself visiting this exhibition twice.  A thing that I had never done before.  I was totally blown away not only by the luxuriousness in the fabrics and colours that he used for his collections, but with the cuts and techniques that he applied on his designs, a true genius!

The man himself.  Described as a man of very few words!

I was mostly intrigued by his new men's collection.  I denote a touch of Japanese tradition is the trade mark, yet stylish, unique, masculine ...... I perceive it to be simply cool.
Here are few of my favourites that I have chosen to share with you..... Enjoy!

So cool!!!


Wednesday, 16 March 2011

Jungle Paradise S/S 2011 Inspired by....

Zaha Hadid
(Iraqi-British architect)

Fabric: Hand made mixed yarn dress with lime green 100% silk lining.  Electric blue headpiece 

2 piece electric yellow (dyed) woven silk dress with a pink soda bodice made or cords & yarns.
Silk taffeta head gear.

 Silver silk cord head piece and neckless

Sisal dress (shell), graphite silk/jersey long dress
Styling:Velvet Rouge Fashion PR Diaries.

Green sisal yarn (dyed) headwear
Red silk/jersey body suit 
Styling:Velvet Rouge Fashion PR Diaries.

Friday, 11 March 2011

Botanically Haute!

Nature, Art & Haute Couture!

The botanical garden that grew on a Paris runway splashed with exotic colours and artistic creation of flowers made into frocks out of sumptuous fabrics such as, silk taffeta's, satin, chiffon, tulle etc....

 I  have gathered Dior's 2010 collection that I really like, combined them with images taken last summer (which I think), create a good story line.   One would ask why 2010 while it is a new season, well, time has no effect on me, as I am more about style and design.

Florist at the Westfield Mall London

 Dior Fall 2010

Dior 2010

Kenwood Estate, Hampstead, London

Dior 2008

Kenwood House Estate

I like how John Galiano,  (former designer of Dior) embraced the idea of Dior's first collection (Carolle Line) that was later on known as the New Look in 1947.  What stood out about the "New Look" was the enormity of scale and proportion of frocks.  Christian Dior used expensive fabrics lavishly to create a pyramid like silhouette, others described it as an hourglass look.

Kenwood House Estate

Dior Fall 2010

Kenwood House Estate

Dior Fall 2010

Christian Dior New Look 

Kenwood House Estate

Dior Fall 2010

Tuesday, 8 March 2011

Architectural Inspirations

Journey of the Lil White Corset Dress

Inspirations:      The London Metropolitan  University, 
                          The Guggenheim Museum, New York
Architecture:    Daniel Libenskind and Frank Lloyd Wright

 Holloway Road, North London

New York