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Saturday, 29 September 2012

Classic Cars @ Your Service!

As I mentioned before that I am a vintage lover, anything that has history and character from a teaspoon to a building.  This post its about Vintage Cars.   A vintage car could be of a particular make, year, style, size or colour.  I understand that not everyone appreciate vintage, fair enough, its perfectly normal and exciting to have different preferences as I keep on stressing that the world would have been such a boring place if we all had the same interest and tastes.

The word classic defines anything that is old.   A sort of description and appreciation to anything old that was of a high quality and still has the same wow impact to date, in other words it can also be referred as timeless.   In this case a car over 20 years that does not require road tax anymore.  
"Purchasing and storing classic cars fulfill the passion of antique cars lovers". read more ....... 

I came across an interesting link.  A restaurant with a difference, a complete new and exciting use of classic  cars. Crazy cool!!!!
"Eating in a car is not everyone's idea of an enjoyable meal, but at the P.S. Bu Bu Restaurant, in Taiwan, its's a must.  This automotive-themed venue features all kinds of auto accessories and even full cars as dinning tables."

I am not sure whether I like the idea or not, but it is interesting .  It is a after all the thought that counts at the end of the day.