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Saturday, 16 March 2013

Swag Your Head!

It seems like I have been away forever!  
It surely feels good to come back to my little diary.  

The last couple of months have been hectic, with new projects, deadlines, new season collection and all that jazz. Still gathering the bits and pieces together and will share it all soon. In the mean time its hats alert!

I love hats! Or any kind of funky head wear actually. It's one of my favourite accessories. If I wear something on my head, it has to be with a touch of swag, otherwise there is no point. 

Let's call that touch of swag, 'hat swag'. Hat swag has been around for centuries.  It can be tracked back as far as 17th century, so nothing new there.  Ultimately, it comes down to where you are as to how you pull a funky head!  Africa and parts of Asia have the head wraps/turbans, beaded, or metal pieces (coin like or triangular shapes)head wear. Chic!
There are many different reasons why people wear hats. Nevertheless, in my opinion, wearing a hat today completes an intended look and definitely sets you apart in a crowd!  I believe any style driven person has at least some kind of a head wear-no doubt about that. It comes naturally to anyone who has the swag!!

People wear hats for many reasons. It could be part of uniform, status symbol, religious, sports and protective headgear or even due to culture. 

It is most definitely fashion statement. Hats can also be a blessing.  There are days when all of us need a head covering of some sort. I call them 'ooops days'. They are more commonly known as bad hair days, rush hour days, basically the days when nothing seems to go the way you want. These are the days that one will definitely need to look for 'that hat'. Saved!  

Hats are there to give you that confidence when things are not that great.

I have put together hats that are wearable and some just statement or fun wear. I enjoy a bit of humour when it comes to dress. 

There is nothing wrong in wearing something that catches one's sense of humour, something with a bit of flamboyance. At the end of the day your look should really be about just you and your being free, enjoying what you have put together for the day or occasion. Here's one of my great style inspiration, the late Anna Piaggi and Liliy Dache, (the famous milliner of all times) followed by my hat illustration.

Lilly Dache

My love for hats is growing stronger lately, so watch this space! My Illustrations below have been inspired by this image. This looks like a straw hat to me from a Harper's Bazaar dated December 1933.  A good example, it shows that style does not wear off, still very wearable now and ready to go, bring on the sun. Love it!


Anna Luks Illustration
The China Hat
A collage of a China hat worn by a chic lady in Anna Luks print summer dress.

Lamp Shade Hat

 "Hats have become a symbol of elegance, true passion for fashion and vintage femininity that the modern fashionista enjoys"

Friday, 7 December 2012

Anna Luks Accessory

Anna Luks accessories are featured in the New African Woman December issue on a beauty and make up shoot.

Model Nana spiced up a beauty and make up shoot, wearing Anna Luks head wear and neck accessories.

Friday, 13 July 2012

Amazing Head Pieces by Mary Arantes

Her work reminds me aesthetically of my own work which I have included for you to see!

 Yet another mind blowing creations by Brazilian born designer Mary Arantes, creator of the Mary Design brand.  If you recall on one of my older post 'Out of the Box' I wrote about how we get inspired with simple everyday things that are around us.  With a creative mind, one can utilize basically anything in the environment to create a master pieces.  Well.... there it is...... this is one of the examples I was talking about.
I am  Completely blown away by these pieces, the amazing shapes and sizes made out of newspapers, using a refined paper mache technique.   Fabulous!

Theme:  Lightness
"This theme is reflected in the choice of materials and also in addressing sustainable practices, such as zero waste, and upcycling, and ressourcerie.  Translating these concepts into our reality is this edition's dream says Mary.  By having less fashion waste, we will create a less tattered world, a lighter future".