Tuesday 15 November 2011

Out of The Box!!

These are just few of my favorite things!

'Ropes and Yarn' box of course!!!  Isn't it mind boggling to think how much one can do with different things that you can find around.  With a creative mind, one can  utilize basically anything in the environment and 'voila' a masterpiece!! 
 Many times when I see these kind of creativity, I tend to think, .why didn't I think of that.. or I could have done this, and even more annoying, is when the idea was there already, but only to find out that someone has superseded you!.  Does it ever happen to you?

Back to ropes and yarns.  The first image below is from my favorite yarn shop in London.  This shop just fascinates me  regardless of the number of times I visit.  When I am there, I always discover something new and exciting.  It could be a book, a magazine, a particular yarn or even finding out more about the origin of yarns.  One thing is, I am guaranteed never to leave empty handed.
Enough said, enjoy the images.

Can you imagine what you can do with ropes N yarns?
......just grab em..... n go crazy cool with them!

Anna Luks

Simple yarns can be transformed into wonderful and unthinkable things!

Check out the ropes-lamps-by Christian Hass

Bamboo lamp by: Innovo designs
(The Xuan Lamp)

Anna Luks

Remember this??  The Rodart tights!!

Anna Luks

Anna Luks

Anna Luks

Sandra Bucklands

more coming soon on annaluks website, currently on revamp.