Monday, 17 October 2011

Contrast Art & Clothes Show @ London's T47

Not a lot of time to keep up with blogging, time filled up with other few projects.  Nevertheless, I thought I'd touch up this space to let you know am still around.  

Early in September I had an opportunity to showcase my designs at the Art Exhibition organised by Erwin Michalec of Art Contrast.  It was a pleasure! 
T47 venue is an Indoor sports centre under spacious railway arches underneath London Bridge. 

  This sport centre turned into an evening of magnificent art work exhibition that was on either side of the dome like white brick wall, jewellery designer Anna Kubicka displayed her unique jewelleries, live band and and of course, the Anna Luks clothes show.  Guest seemed to have a wonderful time entertained by music and solo guitarist singer performer in between the two intervals of the clothes show.

Photos: by Anna Prays & GeneFeliciano

Erwin Michalec  (organiser) with guest

Lovely people

Jewellery designer Anna Kubicka (far right)with friends

Anna Kubicka's jewellery on display

Anna Luks clothing


  1. Wow, your post is amazing and clothes displayed are so stylish. I liked it very much. I generally buy my clothes from Memphis Tiger Clothing but your collection is also unique and i liked it.

  2. Great to read a new post, Anna! I was inquiring about you last week. Great photos! Keep it up, my dear!

  3. Thank you so much for a lovely comment. Keep it close my clothing will be on sale soon!

  4. Hey Alison!
    Got your message from Msy, and thank you for the comment.