Thursday, 16 August 2012

The Unmistakable Voice!

"I knew I wanted to sing before people the rest of my life"

There is nothing I respect most like Identity.  Having an identity in other words being original I regard it as important, something one can take pride on. Identity defines; gives a clear understanding of what one is all about. We identify ourselves by culture mostly on how we carry ourselves in a non pretentious way.  It is about being yourself regardless to who accepts or reject you.  Standing firm in what one believe is right or if I may quote, it is about "having a collective aspect of the set of characteristics by which a thing is definitively recognizable or known:"

In this case,  I am talking about identity in music which in my own opinion, I feel it has come to be something of the past.  It is quite hard to identify originality in music and far more even the voices of singers.
Every era comes with good artists, but hey, gone are the days of signature era's where musician had their distinguished style of music and vocals.  One could with no doubt identify the group or singers, in almost any music.  Since the 1990's, I noticed that music and voices became very similar hard to identify the artist/band.  It almost seems like the originality in terms of creating is the thing of the past. The industry almost gets away with versions more than composing originals.   In rare occasions I used to confuse Erykah Badu and Jill Scott, but these sisters of mine are just  cool!  But the Jazz genre on the other hand still managed to keep its identity and I love it!!!
  Lately I have been reminiscing in the old time Jazz music.  This music really inspires and gives me a good vibe as I go about my business in the house.

One of my favorite  Jazz singers is  Ella Fitzgerald also know as "The First Lady of Song".  Born April 25th 1917 in Newport News Virginia USA.  Her childhood rather rough and very difficult after loosing both her parents and sibling at a very young age of 15.  
The young Ella 'a fighter' at just 17 decided  her mourning period was over and it was time to move on with life.   She attend the amateur nights at the historical  Apollo Theater as a dancer but was unsuccessful.  The loud booing of audiences each night after her dancing attempts did not deter her mind to change her life.  She than decided to go for singing instead.  Her choice of song was her mothers favourite tune  that she new so well "Judy" by Hoagy Carmichael backed by a band and rest was history.  The Star was born, not sure who had the last laugh then????   I could just see jaws dropping, tears rolling just like what happened to our very own Britain's Got Talent  Susan Boyle who like the late Ella, had the last laugh!!!!  

Ella the disputable singer, performed with other remarkable stars such as Sarah Vaughan, Billy Holiday, Luis Armstrong 'a toxic combination', Duke Ellington, Frank Sinatra and the list is endless.  It is actually very hard to believe that Ella was a shy person off stage and away from people she knew well as she was described.

....... and here is The Unmistakable Voice Of Ella Fitzgerald

Ella and Sarah Vaughan

With Billy Holiday and friends

I first heard her through the gramophone!

Monday, 23 July 2012

Fashion Photography / Living Dolls

I came across this image below, at a quick glance I thought ahh... Barbies! African Barbie Dolls (In colour of course!) I fell in love with the two images.... and so I thought to go a little further.

Photo shoot in Zanzibar - La Gema Hotel before the Fashion show early this year
(Courtesy of Black Ice Pr Dar-es-Salaam, Tanzania)

Living dolls around the world

(Images courtesy of Alli Jiang - Beijing, China)

Mechanical Dolls by Tim Walker

Friday, 13 July 2012

Amazing Head Pieces by Mary Arantes

Her work reminds me aesthetically of my own work which I have included for you to see!

 Yet another mind blowing creations by Brazilian born designer Mary Arantes, creator of the Mary Design brand.  If you recall on one of my older post 'Out of the Box' I wrote about how we get inspired with simple everyday things that are around us.  With a creative mind, one can utilize basically anything in the environment to create a master pieces.  Well.... there it is...... this is one of the examples I was talking about.
I am  Completely blown away by these pieces, the amazing shapes and sizes made out of newspapers, using a refined paper mache technique.   Fabulous!

Theme:  Lightness
"This theme is reflected in the choice of materials and also in addressing sustainable practices, such as zero waste, and upcycling, and ressourcerie.  Translating these concepts into our reality is this edition's dream says Mary.  By having less fashion waste, we will create a less tattered world, a lighter future".

Saturday, 30 June 2012

Tuning The S Mood

Into Prada's Summer Exquis 

Since we are now stepping into the the summer month of July, although the sun is still on strike in the UK, I thought I'd squeeze this in.  Prada's Summer campaign 2012 that was launched early this year.
 Prada took us back into the 1950's chic!  Every garment is wearable, that's what I like most in this collection.  Love the colour palette not mentioning the scenario at the gas station with the crisp blue sky.  Cadillacs rolling in, stunning models oozed with style.  Beautiful pastel colour dresses, head scarves, dainty shoes, hand bags and sun glasses.  Flawless!
Enjoy the video.

Happy summer holidays for some!


Saturday, 23 June 2012

Alexis Bittar Dreamy Resort 2012

Alexis Bittar the award winning designer described to be one of the innovative jewelry designer of the 21st century!   With influential clientele such as the style and fashion icon herself Iris Apfel and Karl Lagerfeld, you can not argue with that!   Other personalities including Michelle Obama, Lady Gaga, Oprah Winfrey, Whitney Houston, Madonna, and the list goes on.

The Last Resort LookBook

Without a doubt, I call these pieces ' a got-get-them' kind a jewelry!  Chunky, on your face, neon jewelry?    Definitely statement jewelry. 
Cool collage presentation in this look book, kinda dreamy, mad and fun put together.  I love how he has displayed these amazing pieces over the bold mannequin, with cute paper cut animals, a baby and a fried egg!! .....totally luxe!   Love it or hate it, its sheer madness going on right here ..... I love it!

My fav earrings / ear piece??  Its fabulous!

  Of course there is something for everyone, see more, read more;  Alexis Bittar