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Friday, 17 December 2010

Anna Luks2000 at Face of Fashion4Afrika.

I would start by thanking Ola Shobowale for inviting me to join other designers to take part on an exclusive event, Face of Fashion4Africa model contest. The event was held at the Africa Center in London's Convent Garden, on the 11th December.

All the models were so unique  amazing as individuals and also in what they were wearing.
The models had to compete against each other on four categories; Native wear which was amazing, evening wear, catwalk, and finally faced the firing squad (The Judges) for a brief interview.

It was indeed an honour to be invited to this event. I went there happily just to showcase my designs and nothing else. It was however, a total delight for me, when the model Samira Hashi won the contest and was wearing my design. Just awesome!

Photos by : Rob Sheppard